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Richard Jean

Richard is a home-grown Bostonian, living on Westland Ave at the age of 5, then moving to Somerville at the age of 10. He has seen the dramatic growth in the city happen right before his eyes, making him a true expert of Bostons many different neighborhoods. His love for real estate started in 2014 when he went to seminar for real-estate investing in Boston, ever since then he’s been hooked. Constantly tracking the trends of real estate throughout Boston and the country, Richard can assist with any type of transaction. Whether it be rental, sale, purchase, or to talk about market trends, Richard will be there to give great advice.

Fun Fact: Richard was studying to be a Nurse before he decided to follow he’s true passion of real estate. But pledges to one day be a part of opening up a hospital, who’s main Initiative is to provide the care to those who can’t afford it.

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Cellphone 781-408-0453

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