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Erik Anderson

Erik has consistently been one of the top agents at Concept Properties since the day he started. A decade of experie…

Photo of Erik Anderson

Alyssa Barquet

Alyssa has been interested in Real Estate ever since the age of 5 when her Father would bring her along to rehab hous…

Photo of Alyssa Barquet

Yanis Benyamina

Photo of Yanis Benyamina

Brandon Davis

Photo of Brandon Davis
Associate Broker // Investment Specialist

Amaury De Labbey

Amaury works with sellers, buyers and developers in the Greater Boston area to successfully market, build and grow th…

Photo of Amaury De Labbey

Denise Evans-Britt

Photo of Denise Evans-Britt

Dennis Hernandez

Dennis is a Real Estate agent, and Investor, who brings a wealth of knowledge to each of his clients. Because he has…

Photo of Dennis Hernandez
Investment Specialist // Sales Pro

David Huddleston

Dave has a wide range of real estate experience and skills that have been refined over the last 7 years. His energy …

Photo of David Huddleston

Richard Jean

Richard is a home-grown Bostonian, living on Westland Ave at the age of 5, then moving to Somerville at the age of 10…

Photo of Richard Jean

Maray Lemoine-Pena

As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Concept Properties, Maray LeMoine-Pena is a young self-motivated member wh…

Photo of Maray Lemoine-Pena
Investment Specialist // Sales Pro

Michael Madison

With over six years of real estate experience in Boston, Mike has closed numerous transactions, ranging from condos t…

Photo of Michael Madison

Johnny Michaud

Johny was one of the first agents to join the Concept Properties team and has been a staple in the company ever since…

Photo of Johnny Michaud

Kristen Nelson

Kristen was introduced to real estate at a young age, coming from a family of real estate professionals. After gradua…

Photo of Kristen Nelson
Broker of Record // Owner

Matt Ramey

Matt has nearly a decade of experience working with investors and sellers in the Boston real estate market. His knowl…

Photo of Matt Ramey

Gorvens Rosier

Gorvens is passionate and enthusiastic about the real estate industry. His years of excellent customer service and ba…

Photo of Gorvens Rosier

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